Q3 Psychology and visual design

“Pattern matching is the way we process everything we see from people’s faces to the written word. When visual stimuli enters our eye it immediately starts a chain reaction in the brain. We subconsciously hunt  hunting for anything similar to the current stimuli that we have experienced in the past. If the stimuli is matched to a preexisting pattern we recognize what we are seeing, otherwise the stimuli is perceived as being new. This process goes beyond recognizing forms and colors, it also triggers any cognitive associations with the pattern being matched.” – Ross Johnson

As is evident in the above quote, visual design and psychology go hand-in-hand. In order to create an effective visual designs we need to understand the psychology and mental processes of the user. The previous post looked at chunking, and how this can add the memory and in turn add the user in effectively using a device. So too can the visual aesthetic of a design. For example, if we saw the colour red we think ‘stop’ and green we think ‘go’ or ‘ok’. So when we’re using the computer and one box is highlighted red and the other green. We already know, without reading the text or instructions, that the red box is more likely to delete something or perform a similar action, so we should approach it with caution, while the green box we assume would lead on to something more productive.


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